Thursday, November 8, 2007

dig, or stay buried

I have something I wish to show you. But I don't think you will believe me. I barely believe me. I will make it as plain as I can. But you, like me, have been trained so long not to see it. So I'm afraid I can only point you in the general direction. You must discover it for yourself. I can only help you begin.

The stone floor is wet. We must sit. But I'm afraid this is not a time for rest. Breath deep. The cold will fire our nerves for what is to come. Come. Let us release our need for comfortable and protective continuation of status quo. Let us empower ourselves and embrace a possibility that things are not as we like and we have the will to change. Do not look away. Imagine this will as a small fire burning brightly within. Sit still and stare with me. Let us give focus to that which wishes to be hidden. Let us seek to uncover that which wishes not to be seen.

It is our purpose, to understand. To grok. And our natural sensitivity is far more powerful than we know. We must only give it voice. Listen. So many walls prevent us from seeing. Challenge yourself to see through them. Allow yourself to dissolve the solid, and see beyond. Give purchase to the soul of discovery reaching with numb fingers for true solidity. Stand no longer between what you feel and what you are told to feel. For you are the biggest and strongest wall of all.

Ask yourself what should be. Ignore what is. This part is very difficult - because it asks you to question as much as you are able to. And for most it feels pointless or painful. Ask yourself what you hope for. What makes you choose the choices you do. What do you work for? What do you trust and why do you trust? What if you were wrong. What if we were all wrong. It's a very nihilistic track, but explore it long enough to look under the rocks seldom moved.

Now think positively. Feel the energy, the life, the breath of existence you know is possible. Ask why it doesn't exist now. Push. Do not settle for the knee jerk reaction. Push harder. Your first response is trained. Do not trust it. Dig deep. What is your subconscious screaming? What are you ignoring. What incessant pecking have you endured unknowingly for lifetimes of self slavery. I can point your head, but you must look. Peel away the layers which obscure. Question the quick and ready answers. You were not trained for happiness. You were not trained to see. You were trained to listen. Trained to believe. Trained to want. Trained to trust. But what do you believe? What do you want? What do you trust?

You can turn away. It is easiest. And what worth is there in pain? What merit to inspect that which is... obvious. What to be gained? And oh, so much risked. Of course you know what is real. They tell you so. You see it. They show you. They... they.. only have your best interest, right?

I desperately want to lay this all out for you. To peel it away and spread it clean for you. But you don't want see it. No one does. I know that now. It must begin with the search. You can only see what you are prepared to see. Cultivate your desire to observe. Breath life into your inner sensitivity. Ask, and do not settle for the quick answer. Challenge to dig deeper.

I will wait. I admit impatience. But tell me when you are ready. Or rather, just sit. I will see it in your eyes. It will be plain. And then I can not keep it from you. No one can.

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